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Gutters redirect rain from your roof, protecting your home from structural damage, moisture, and mold.  LEC can help you with gutter repair, replacement, and installation to ensure that your roof is protected.  LEC ensures quality gutter services that provide custom fit, optimal performance, and attractive design.

Free Gutter Inspection

LEC is happy to help determine if your existing home is in need of gutter repair or replacement to avoid roof and structural damage.  LEC can also install gutters in your new construction home.  Contact LEC today for a free quote 704-572-0375.

Gutter Protection

Gutter screens and covers can minimize your gutter maintenance.  LEC can install gutter covers and screens to new gutter systems or add them to your existing gutter system.  Gutter screens and covers protect your gutters from leaves and debris that cause them to clog, minimizing maintenance and protecting your roof.  Contact LEC today for a free quote and to learn more about our varying gutter protection products.

Leafproof Advanced Gutter Protection

LEC provides Leafproof’s Advanced Gutter Protection system. These gutter protectors install onto your existing gutter system and keep out leaves and debris, eliminating over-flowing and clogged gutters. You’ll never again have to worry about climbing a ladder to clean your gutters. The Leafproof gutter protection system does not screw into your roof like other gutter systems, eliminating potential roof leaks. Leafproof gutters are guaranteed for life!

Contact us today for a free gutter estimate! 704-572-0375